Metagame Share

(as of 30 April 2023)

NAME#%Notable Performances
Wind Lorraine5023%1st Place (Tavern Brawler April Championship), 2nd Place (DOA TTS#3 & TTS#2)
Fire Lorraine4018%1st Place (Win A Case April, DOA TTS#3 & Marketplace TTS#1)
Fire Rai3516%1st Place (DOA TTS#1), 2nd Place (Tavern Brawler April Championship), 3rd Place (Win A Case)
Fire Zander2411%4th Place (Tavern Brawler April Championship), 2nd & 4th Place (DOA TTS#1)
Water Zander199%2nd Place (Marketplace TTS#1)
Water Lorraine105%1st & 4th Place (DOA TTS#2)
Water Rai73% 
Fire Merlin73% 
Wind Silvie63% 

Tournament Standings (Newest First)
(Top Cut & Bubbled Out Players Only)

The Weatherlight Enterprise: Road to Ascent Houston (24JUNE23) LinkRecord (Swiss)
1TenryuMYSFire LorraineFire Lorraine6-0-0
2WangSGPFire RaiFire Rai5-0-1
3MezzoMacroSGPFire ZanderFire Zander5-1-0
4ZetdivxSGPFire RaiFire Rai4-1-1
5Jun JekSGPWind LorraineWind Lorraine4-1-1
6KaiMYSFire Lorraine/MordredFire Lorraine/Mordred4-1-1
7QuaraxSGPFire RaiFire Rai4-1-1
8V3MingMYSFire LorraineFire Lorraine4-2-0

GA Discord Swiss Win-a-Box (10JUNE23) LinkRecord (Swiss)
1/2AzNat???Wind LorraineWind Lorraine5-0-0
1/2blueskycandy???Wind LorraineWind Lorraine5-0-0
3-9CAWFEEtheMerchant???Fire LorraineFire Lorraine4-1-0
3-9t.ang???Wind LorraineWind Lorraine4-1-0
3-9MazuraniUSAFire LorraineFire Lorraine4-1-0
3-9Jimmyhl1329USAWind LorraineWind Lorraine4-1-0
3-9Biefall???Fire RaiFire Rai4-1-0
3-9FinOku???Wind LorraineWind Lorraine4-1-0
3-9Anemone???Wind LorraineWind Lorraine4-1-0

Red Riot Games 1K (10JUNE23) LinkRecord (Swiss)
1Nathan ChinCANFire LorraineFire LorraineNot Available
2Alessandro VendittiCANFire LorraineFire LorraineNot Available
3Daniel LiCANFire RaiFire RaiNot Available
4Victor MercadoCANFire RaiFire RaiNot Available
5Jimmy ChenCANFire LorraineFire LorraineNot Available
6Kermit ChenCANFire ZanderFire ZanderNot Available
7Stephen ManCANFire LorraineFire LorraineNot Available
8Ko AungCANWind LorraineWind LorraineNot Available

BotA #2 (19MAY23) LinkRecord (Swiss)
1JonsuCANFire RaiFire Rai4-2-0
2jimmyhl1329USAWind LorraineWind Lorraine6-0-0
3/4xBurner34???Fire LorraineFire Lorraine5-1-0
3/4AzNat???Wind LorraineWind Lorraine5-1-0
5/6/7/8VazerumUSAFire RaiFire Rai5-1-0
5/6/7/8Gamer Man ACANFire LorraineFire Lorraine4-2-0
5/6/7/8BigNickleEye???Fire LorraineFire Lorraine4-2-0
5/6/7/8MazuraniUSAFire LorrainePENDING4-2-0

GA Discord Win A Case (21APR23) LinkRecord (Swiss)
140percentCANFire LorraineFire Lorraine4-1-0 (Group A)
2MazuraniUSAFire LorraineFire Lorraine4-1-0 (Group A)
3/4Biefall???Fire RaiFire Rai5-0-0 (Group A)
3/4LimelightAUSFire LorraineFire Lorraine5-0-0 (Group B)
5/6/7/8Kushieda???Wind LorraineWind Lorraine4-1-0 (Group B)
5/6/7/8AyakaGenshin???Fire RaiFire Rai4-1-0 (Group B)
5/6/7/8RemeticUSAWind LorraineWind Lorraine4-1-0 (Group B)
5/6/7/8jimmyhl1329???Fire LorraineFire Lorraine4-1-0 (Group A)

Tavern Brawlers April Championship (01APR23) LinkRecord (Swiss)
1Billythekid0120AUSWind LorraineWind Lorraine4-0-0
2VazerumUSAFire RaiFire Rai3-1-0
3VerUSAFire LorraineFire Lorraine3-1-0
4LimelightAUSFire ZanderFire Zander3-1-0

5Hobocrab???Fire LorraineFire Lorraine3-1-0

DOA TTS#3 (11MAR23)